Saturday, April 19, 2014


Hi everyone. My name is Daniel Jimi and I am 26 years old. This is my blog.
This blog is designed to address pertinent issues and supply needful and helpful information on education, schooling, religion, science, sports, movies, et cetera.

I have observed over time that a lot of young folks are bereft of valuable information they need in order to make right choices on career, friendship, relationship, religion and many other life-defining decisions. For instance, while conducting an entrepreneurial training for some folks who were about to graduate from the university, I was shocked to discover that many of them did not know what MIT stands for. This should not be. Students should not be focused only on topics that are in their school curriculum. They should know many other stuff that will prove useful to them in the real world. 

Francis Bacon said "Knowledge is power." Therefore, I have decided to devote this blog to dissemination of information on a wide range of topics from education to entertainment with the hope that my readers will find valuable and useful information that will help them to make right judgement. Lookout for my blogs. Thank you very much.